Amazon Seller Central Tutorial 2017 Complete Walkthrough Tour How to Sell a Product on Amazon FBA

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Date: 2017-08-18 23:37:06

Amazon Seller Central Tutorial | Learn How to Use Amazon Seller Central and the TWO MOST COMMON Mistakes New Sellers Make!

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If you’re brand new to Amazon FBA and want the best tutorial available anywhere on an exact Amazon FBA Seller Central Walkthrough Guide, You’ve come to the right video!

We take you through exactly how to use Amazon Seller Central, and which menu’s you’ll be using often, which you can generally ignore, and an exact step by step tutorial of how to set up a product listing on Amazon, and How to sell on Amazon FBA!

This specific video is for the newly initiated seller, if you’re more experienced make sure to check out some of my other more advanced videos on selling on Amazon FBA!

We cover the header menus with all of their main functionality! The dashboard widgets, which you will be using often and which you rarely ever touch!

Watch Kevin take you step by step getting starting selling on Amazon including which type of Amazon seller central account to use, and advanced tips and tricks for setting up your account and your product listings the right way!

If you’re just getting started in selling on Amazon FBA, this definitely Amazon Seller Central Tutorial will help you understand the platform much better. 

Amazon Seller Central Tutorial 2017 | Complete Walkthrough Tour How to Sell a Product on Amazon FBA


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